The Top Strains for Improving Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease causes neurological disorders that cause movement difficulties, such as tremors or stiffness. It also affects balance and coordination. The condition is progressive and can get worse over time. Although there is no cure, there may be ways to reduce the symptoms. Parkinson’s has been proven to have a positive impact on cannabis. Certain strains may help relieve symptoms such anxiety, tremors, or pain.

These are some of our top recommendations for improving Parkinson’s symptoms.


Harlequin has high CBD content. This strain has been proven to have anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective properties. It can help with tremors and mobility. It also has a relaxing effect on the brain.


Cannatonic (another high-CBD marijuana strain): Cannatonic promotes relaxation and muscle spasm reduction. It is an ideal choice for Parkinson’s patients as it can relieve pain and inflammation.


This cannabis strain is a mix of Cannatonic (and another called Ruderalis), and has high CBD content and low THC. It can be used to relieve muscle spasms as well pain and anxiety.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream contains low levels of CBD. However, it is known for its ability increase mood and energy. It can also relieve pain making it an ideal choice for Parkinson’s patients who might experience discomfort.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple has high levels of THC. This strain can treat pain, anxiety and insomnia. It can also have a relaxing affect on the body making it a good option for people with Parkinson’s, who suffer from stiffness and tremors.

When selecting a strain of cannabis to alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms, you should look at the CBD-to-THC ratio as well as the overall effects. Also, consult your healthcare professional before you start using cannabis as a treatment to Parkinson’s. Cannabis can interact negatively with certain medications and may be not be suitable.

Although there is no cure to Parkinson’s, certain cannabis varieties can help reduce the symptoms and improve the quality-of-life for those suffering from it. Parkinson’s patients can determine which strain is best for them. This will depend on the CBD-THC ratio and other effects.

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